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2024 8/15-8/18 TAA台北音響展參展資訊


2024 8/15-8/18 TAA 台北音響大展參展資訊

今年八月的音響展,我們特別增加預算訂了三個中型標準房間,希望讓有興趣的朋友能一次體驗到我們代理的優質英國AVID ,加拿大TOTEM,美國MOFI喇叭。

此外還有紐西蘭Antipodes 音樂伺服器,瑞士Merason DAC,TiGLON /Dasklang線材,Plixir 電源供應器,AVID/MOFI/AMG 黑膠唱盤,AUDION管機等一同參展。


The 2024 TAA Taipei hi-end audio show, we have increased our budget and booked three medium-sized rooms for the show. Hope that customers could listen our hi-quality brand's speakers, AVID EVO3, TOTEM METAL V2 and MOFI source point 888.

In addition, there are many our brands like New Zealand Antipodes music servers,Switzerland Merason DACs,Japan TiGLON / EU Dasklang cables, Singapore Plixir power supplies, AVID/MOFI/AMG turntables and U.K. AUDION tube amps, etc.

This show will have a lot of new products. Everyone is looking forward to it.

#2024 TAA Taipei Hi-end audio show

# Room 340/ AVID, Room 336/ TOTEM, Room 332/ MOFI

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